Cruising through Fort Lauderdale

There are so many beautiful areas when you are coming out into the Fort Lauderdale waterways. You could head over to the sandbars located behind the signs 20-28 near the 17th street bridge, head over to whiskey creek or even get a different view of downtown from the canals. Along the way, you will find shops and marinas that you could pull into, local restaurant you could stop at for a great meal or a bar right on the water that you could pull up to, grab yourself a drink, sit back and relax as you sip it down. There is always something going on around the waters for you to enjoy. If you are heading out to do some fishing, you could pull up to the 15th street Marina and grab some bait or you could stop by one of the bait boats along the way. As you come out of the inlet and into the open ocean, you could turn left and see the beachfront areas of Fort Lauderdale along the way or you could turn right and see a more nature view for your ride. Wherever you go, Fort Lauderdale waterways will get you there and the right Boat Rental location will help show you the way!

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