Cruising through Fort Lauderdale

There are so many beautiful areas when you are coming out into the Fort Lauderdale waterways. You could head over to the sandbars located behind the signs 20-28 near the 17th street bridge, head over to whiskey creek or even get a different view of downtown from the canals. Along the way, you will find shops and marinas that you could pull into, local restaurant you could stop at for a great meal or a bar right on the water that you could pull up to, grab yourself a drink, sit back and relax as you sip it down. There is always something going on around the waters for you to enjoy. If you are heading out to do some fishing, you could pull up to the 15th street Marina and grab some bait or you could stop by one of the bait boats along the way. As you come out of the inlet and into the open ocean, you could turn left and see the beachfront areas of Fort Lauderdale along the way or you could turn right and see a more nature view for your ride. Wherever you go, Fort Lauderdale waterways will get you there and the right Boat Rental location will help show you the way!

Coming out of Pompano Beach

Ready to get on a boat? Leaving from Pompano Beach? Great! There is so much to see and so many picture perfect places that you can grab the best shot for your next instagram shot! Head over to the Lighthouse and park right along the beach as you throw anchor and enjoy the scenery. You can jump in, as the waters always beautiful and bring your snorkel gear so you can search along the jetties for your next treasure! As you sit back and enjoy the ocean breeze, you can watch so many different kinds of boats coming in and going out. You will see motor boats, jetskis, yachts, sailboats and tour boats as they cruise on by. You might even see the local catch of the day as fisherman come in from their trips on the ocean! If you go past the lighthouse and out into the ocean, always make sure you go past the channel markers before you turn left or right, you don’t want to become one of those boats featured on Qualified Captain. There are lots of rocks and shoals hidden by the waves, so take caution! If you go North you can visit Lake Boca, which is a beautiful spot for the family or your could head south, stop along the bars and restaurants on the canals and head into beautiful Fort Lauderdale. Whatever you may be looking for, you will find it on your adventure in paradise. If you can’t, pull into one of the local marinas where they are gassing up hungry boats and ask for directions, the locals are always willing to point you in the right direction!

Boating Keeps You Happy and Healthy!

A recent survey conducted by Impulse Research Corp. found that boaters are healthier and happier than their non-boating counterparts, according to a Friday, January 17 release from the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).

The online survey was conducted with a random sample of 1,029 men and women selected to closely match US population demographics.

Boaters average nearly seven and a half hours per week in active recreation, compared to less than five and a half hours for non-boaters, according to the study. Landlubbers have been hospitalized slightly more than boat owners (14 percent compared to 11 percent) and tend to be more overweight than their boating counterparts, the NMMA reported.

In addition to physical benefits, when asked about the overall quality of their lives, boat owners rated it about 5 percent better than did non boat owners. Boat owners expressed greater satisfaction with their accomplishments, relations with their families and their ability to enjoy life. Non boat owners are more prone to feeling useless, lonely, unhappy or excessively fatigued, according to the study.

The study’s findings include the following:

More boat owners said their health is excellent or good (83 percent) than did non boat owners (77 percent)

67 percent of boat owners said having a boat has contributed to their well-being

Boat owners experience greater self-esteem (+10 percent), ability to enjoy life (+9 percent) and a better sex life (+7 percent)

Non boat owners are more prone to feeling useless (+8 percent), lonely (+7 percent), unhappy (+5 percent) and fatigued (+4 percent)

Nearly two-thirds of boat owners said owning a boat has brought their family closer

Most boat owners said the benefits of owning a boat include being outdoors (89 percent), spending time on the water (85 percent), being able to unwind and leave pressures behind (79 percent) and finding tranquility (71 percent)