Best Boat Club Membership — What Is It All About?

“Just Show And Go” Relaxation And Fun!

Isn’t That What You Really Want From Your Day On The Water?
For 20-plus years, Best Boat Club and Rentals has served the South Florida area, and while there are many benefits to joining Best Boat Club, our members tell us that there’s simply no beating…

  1. The ease of getting out on the water.
  2. The ease of ending the day by docking the boat & getting in the car and going home.
  3. Having a fleet of boats to choose from as their boating needs change from fishing and cruising through our slice of paradise!

Member Benefits

At Best Boat Club, our members enjoy the following benefits:

  • LOW down payment and easy monthly payments.
  • Speedy checkouts and returns!
  • Local rental locations to depart from and waterways to explore! – Ft. Lauderdale and Pompano Beach, Florida!
  • A varied rental fleet!
  • Easy ocean access from multiple departure locations!
  • Other members-only discounts!

* Center Manager approval required.

There’s Simply No Easier, Cost Effective Way To Boat Today!


Boat Ownership Versus Joining Our Club

If you’re considering buying a boat, you owe it to yourself to speak with us first. We can assure you that club membership is the more cost effective option to consider. Simply add up your:

  • Down payment,
  • Monthly boat payments,
  • Monthly Insurance fees,
  • Monthly dockage/storage fee
  • Weekly Maintenance
  • Repair Costs– endless!
  • The time spent cleaning… every single time you go boating!

Compare this to the economical and sensible alternative of club membership. In no time, you’ll see why Best Boat Club is Boating At Its Best!™

Boat Club Membership Programs

Best Boat Club offers flexible club membership programs to fit every budget and boating style. Whether you’re just a casual boater or a regular salty dog, Best Boat Club is the right place for you. Take a moment to read about the membership levels, and when you’re ready to take a tour of our fleet contact one of our rental agents who will be happy to show you around.



Growing Gills? With Best Boat Club’s Platinum Membership, you enjoy UNLIMITED use of the entire Best Boat Club fleet** at our  Bahia Mar, Pier 66 Hotel & Marina and Pompano Beach locations.  No rental rates! No black-out periods! It’s that simple.

There are no black out dates and no rental rates with this package.
This package allows for rentals any day of the week for any of our time slots (9am-1pm, 1:30pm-5:30pm, 9am-5pm)

Call (954) 779-3866 for more information!


Call the water your second home? If you’re available weekdays or an early-bird weekend riser…our Gold program is just for you! This membership plan entitles you to UNLIMITED use of our ENTIRE fleet** at our Bahia Mar Yachting Center, Pier 66 Hotel & Marina and Pompano Beach locations EXCEPT on weekend afternoons and black-out periods.

There are black out periods that apply to this package. (Holidays, Special Weekends and Special Events)
This package allows for rentals any day of the week for any our time slots EXCEPT Saturday and Sunday afternoons. (1:30-5:30pm)

Call (954) 779-3866 for more information!


Forget the weekends! If the weekdays find you ready for some fun in the sun– then our Silver membership plan is just for you! Silver membership entitles you to UNLIMITED use of our ENTIRE fleet** at our Bahia Mar Yachting Center, Pier 66 Hotel & Marina, and Pompano Beach rental locations on weekdays ONLY. Black-out periods do apply.

This package does have black out periods. (Holidays, Special Weekends, Special Events)
This package is for any of our time slots MONDAY-FRIDAY only.

Call (954) 779-3866 for pricing

Frequent Renter Program

Our traditional individual membership plan entitles you to a 50% savings off our non-member boat rental rates on the entire Best Boat Club fleet. This program is a pay-as-you-go, rent as much as you like plan! AND your monthly fees earn you a credit toward your rental rate for that month!

Your monthly fee earns you a credit towards your rental rate for that month.
This is a pay as you go and rent as much as you’d like at a discounted rate.
You can rent the boat as often as you want, but at a discounted rate from the standard rental rate.


Questions About Becoming A Member?
Call 954-779-3866

Members Enjoy…

Ease of use – Just Show & Go!
Multiple Local  Departure Locations!
NO Cleaning, Maintenance or Storage!
Fishing Boats and Cruising Boats!
Flexible Departure & Arrival Times!
Easy Ocean Access and Intercoastal Cruising!