Powerboat Training in Fort Lauderdale Course Descriptions

Power Boat Training Course Fort Lauderdale

Best Boat Club and Training Center Location at Pier 66 Hotel & Resort in Fort Lauderdale

If you are interested in a Power Boat Training Course Fort Lauderdale, Best Boat Club and Training offer several US Power Boating Certifications and training classes to get novice boaters on their way.  Unlike most power boat lesson schools that offer only classroom or on-line instruction, Best Boat Club and Training has teamed up with US POWERBOATING to offer the critical component of hands-on training as part of the certifications it offers.

Fort Lauderdale Powerboat TrainingA variety of options exist to make training and certification easily accessible and obtainable for most anyone. Browse available course descriptions below and for more information regarding any of our powerboat training, call us at (954) 784-7868.

Safe Powerboat Handling Training Course Fort Lauderdale

• Class-Room and On-the-Water Instruction 

This course is for anyone wanting to improve their boating knowledge and driving skills while learning how to safely operate a small motorboat by having hands-on, on-the-water training on actual boats. This two-day course covers both classroom and hands-on, on the water training, and is a US Coast Guard and National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) approved course, meeting all state and national standards.

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Prerequisite: None

Course Type:  Classroom and On-the-water

Instruction:  Group: 4 people max; Private: 1 person

Course Length:  Group: 16 hours; Private: 16 hours

Suggested Age: 10+

Certification(s) Earned: NASBLA certificate, State Boating Education Certificate, Safe Powerboat Handling Certificate of Completion
Safe Powerboat Handling

Cost:  Group: $625 per person / Private: $1,290

Powerboat Training in Fort Lauderdale

Basic Powerboat Cruising Training Course Fort Lauderdale

This 16 hour hands-on, on-the-water course is for anyone who has completed their “Safe Powerboat Handling” Certification yet desires to gain the experience needed to safely operate a twin outboard engine powerboat and improve their overall boat handling skills. Students are expected to already know the basic knowledge of the Safe Power Boat Handling course covering equipment requirements, rules of the road, aids to navigation, preparation, environment regulations, safety and emergencies.

If you are an experienced small boat operator you may “Challenge Out” of “Safe Powerboat Handling” by completing your states boating basics course and passing our Certification Challenge. Certification Challenge is a 2 hour evaluation of your boat handling skills on a small outboard powerboat by one of our certified instructors followed by a 50 question written exam.

Prerequisite: U.S. Powerboat “Safe Power Boat Handling” Course

Course Type: On-the-water 

Instruction: Group & Private Instruction Available

Course length: 16 hours over two days

Suggested Age: 18+

Certification(s) Earned: US POWERBOATING “Basic Power Boat Cruising” Certification

Cost:  Group: $825 per person (Minimum 2 people) / Private:  $1,690 (1 Person)

Fort Lauderdale Powerboat Training

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Twin Engine Training Certificate

This 4 hour private, on the water twin-engine course is for anyone who wants to learn and improve how to safely operate a twin engine motorboat and their boat handling skills on actual boats.  This twin engine directed thrust course covers the required practical skills and knowledge for the safe operation of boats with two engines.  It is designed for those who have completed level one certification or its equivalent in experience.

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Prerequisite: State safe boating certification Course Type: On-the-water only

Instruction:  Group: 4 people max / Private: 1 person

Course length:  Group: 4 hours; Private: 4 hours

Suggested Age: 10+

Certification(s) Earned:  Twin Engine Powerboat Handling certificate of Completion

$395 per person / Private: $595 per person


Hourly Instruction

•Need to Improve Your Boating Skills?

We also offer hourly instruction and training with one of our U.S Power Boat Certified Instructors aboard our 21′ to 25′ outboard single and twin engine boats. If you feel your boat handling skills have gotten a little rusty and you need a refreshment or new practical maneuvers, this is a perfect way to gain or regain your confidence.

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Prerequisite: Desire to learn!

Course Type: On-the-water 

Instruction: Private

Course length: Minimum 3 hours

Suggested Age: 18+

Certification(s) Earned: N/A