Accelerated Basic Powerboat Cruising:
“Behind the Wheel” & Challenge Test-Out

This 12- to 14-hour hands-on, on-the-water accelerated basic powerboat cruising course is for anyone who has taken a classroom boating course but needs experience to safely operate a cruising powerboat and improve their boathandling skills. Students will be expected to study the course materials and pass a written exam covering equipment requirements, rules of the road, aids to navigation, preparation, environment regulations, safety and emergencies.

Group & Private Sessions Available (14 hours over 2 days)

  • On-the-Water Sessions

    Fort Lauderdale Boat Rentals

    • Engine & electrical systems
    • Bilge & head systems
    • Starting procedures
    • Docking
    • Leaving & returning to a slip
    • Close-quarters maneuvers
    • Open-water maneuvers
    • Anchoring
    • Plotting & tracking a safe course to a destination
    • Determine position with bearings & GPS
    • Determine time/speed/distance
    • Person in Water rescue

    Classroom Sessions

    • Safety, prep & weather
    • Maneuvering concepts
    • Equipment requirements
    • Prep & fueling procedures
    • Navigation rules of the road
    • Aids to navigation
    • Variation, deviation, compass rose
    • Aids to navigation
    • Limitations of electronic navigation
    • Environment regulations